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Let's Get You Home

Buying a home should be a great experience, not a stressful one. When you use Amy Porter, you can expect a positive home buying experience you will always remember — a perfect start to a brand new chapter.

Are you pre-approved? Do you have an existing relationship with a lender? Do you need guidance
on this? I can help! I will guide you, and help you navigate the different types of lenders and who may be a good fit for you and your needs.

Get Pre Approved

5-Star Buying Process

Let's look! Things to consider and
think about. What is important to you? Where do you want to be? Work commute? School District? Style of home? Must haves. Deal breakers. We will then set up all kinds of showings that meet your criteria.

House Hunting

Congratulations! You've made it. I will work wit you to get everything signed, and to make sure all aspects of the deal are covered. I strive to make sure that you have a smooth transition and moving day. But, if you find something you didn't expect, I am here to help you through.

Closing Day

The deal is done. Your family has moved. But, if you have questions or just want to talk, I am still here for you!

Here For You

We found the right one! I will write it up, negotiate it, and we will execute the final document. We will talk through the entire process and time frame as we will have earnest money, a home inspection, a pest inspection, appraisal, utilities in your name, and a final walk through. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes too, between the time that the purchase agreement is fully executed until the final walk through and close. I take care of it all and keep things moving along. You focus on packing up your things and your people!

Offer Time

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A Worry-Free Buying Experience

Start with a thorough Coffee-To-Keys consultation with Amy to communicate the home you want, from the location to the styles and amenities. With Amy's years of experience, she will give you all of the information and tools you need to make an informed decision. Next it's time to start looking. How exciting!

Once you find the home you love, Amy will act quickly to secure it for you by making the best offer possible. From there, she will make sure everything is to your standards, from fixes to whatever modifications may be needed to make the property truly yours. In no time at all, you will have the keys to your new home.

Search our data base for your next home.

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